How to market your Fresh juice business for free

Knowing how to market your fresh juice business is the lifeline of your venture. Inability to bring in sales means your business won’t be making money. Taking time to plan a marketing strategy for your fresh juice business will do a lot of good. As a new business starting from home, you may not have the cash to spend on paid ads, in this blog post, we’ll discuss how to market your juice business for free. (more…)


Where to source PET bottles and gallons for your juice in Ghana

So, you have started a juice business from home. Well, congratulations! The orders are trickling in and life is good. Until a customer comments on your bottles. Getting nice looking bottles for your juice is very important. After production, juice would have to be stored. How do you store bulk juice? I use 4-litre gallons to store bulk juice in a chest freezer. In this write, we will be looking at where to get these PET bottles and gallons. (more…)