About me


Hello World! Rafael Baccah is my name. Friends and family affectionately call me Kofi Baccah. I am passionate about fitness, living a healthy life and agriculture.

I managed a fresh juice outfit for a little over six years. Over the span of six years, I have grown to love the rural outdoors and working with farmers in the rural parts of Ghana where my outfit sourced fruits.

Recently, I took the entrepreneurial plunge. Oh yes, I did! Scary? Yes! But I am having the best time of my life! My startup, Agri-Brain Consults as its main vision to better the lives of the rural farmers and also promote fitness through juicing.

I love to juice, hence the name, you see where I am going with this? No? Anyway, the demand for fresh juice in Ghana is tremendous. You know, we as a people are becoming more conscious of our health. Seriously, we are taking our health serious now. You don’t believe me? Take a drive to Peduase on holiday or a weekend, on a Saturday morning. There will be enough evidence to back my observation.

The demand for juice is going through the roof. How do we meet that demand? Easy, set up juice businesses! Kofijuicehene is my quest to share the little knowledge, experience and skillsets acquired over the years with anyone who wants to start a juice business. Yes, anyone!

Are you passionate about juice and fitness like myself? Do you want to translate your passion into a business on the side, be your own boss? Get in touch, let’s have glasses of juice and talk. Leave me a message here. Or follow me as Rafael Baccah on my social handles.