Where to source PET bottles and gallons for your juice in Ghana

So, you have started a juice business from home. Well, congratulations! The orders are trickling in and life is good. Until a customer comments on your bottles. Getting nice looking bottles for your juice is very important. After production, juice would have to be stored. How do you store bulk juice? I use 4-litre gallons to store bulk juice in a chest freezer. In this write, we will be looking at where to get these PET bottles and gallons.

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate ( it’s a mouthful, I know!). This is the material that is used to make these bottles. This material is a high gloss crack-resistant transparent plastic. There are quite a generous number of companies dotted around Accra and Tema producing these bottles. I personally shop at two companies. Let’s talk about them briefly.

Kane Em Industries, North Industrial Area


Kane Em Industries Located in North Industrial Area

This is by far the largest plastic bottle producer in the country. The name is Kane Em and its situated in the North industrial area. They share a wall with ECG ( or is it PDS) Avenor. They produce a very wide range of plastic products and have an extensive collection of plastic bottles. Kane Em produces the PET bottles and gallons that I like so much.

The company is owned and run by Indians. The buying process is cumbersome and frankly, I think they could do better, other than that you are assured to find a PET bottle or gallon that you like. They have a display, more like a showcase where you can browse through to select a bottle of your choice. Now, this is the purchasing process for walk-ins:

  1. Browse their extensive collection of PET bottles and gallons and choose that you want
  2. Move to the next section. You show your bottles to a team of ladies who write out your invoice for you. Over here calls are sometimes made to the main warehouse to check if the PET bottles or gallons you have chosen are in stock. If confirmed, an invoice will be printed out for you.
  3. Move to the cashier and make payment for your merchandise.
  4. You now join a queue and wait for your name to be called out. When you are called you collect your merchandise and proceed to the next stage.
  5. Present your invoice for inspection at the gate before you exit the premises.

Please take note. What follows is very important. The Queue can be very long and heart-breaking ( yeah, I said it, heart-breaking) So, make sure you get to Kane Em early. It’s best to be there by 7:30 am so you can get out of there quickly to get on with your day. Kane Em works on Saturdays too but closes a bit early around 2 pm. On weekdays they close by 4 pm.

I have a few concerns about this place. The Indian workers can be very rude. If anyone of their team is reading this, here is to you, treat us better, your business is nothing without us- your customers. Check out their website here.

Company Information

  • Location: B/625/8 Otublohum Road, North IND. Area Adjacent ECG ( Accra West/ Avenor)
  • Telephone: +233 302 221 380 / +233 302 229 429 


Aqua Plast Co. Limited, Spintex

The next place I buy from is Aquaplast. A relatively smaller company. They are situated on the Spintex. When driving from East Legon area you make a left turn just at the Regimanual Gray estate junction. There is a directional signboard there that will direct you. They are just in the bend. I shop here for nice square bottles. They come in 500ml and 700ml. The PET bottles here are packed in packs of 100 to 150 pieces. Unfortunately, they don’t have a website. I will provide their number below. There are no queues here, you can walk in at any time and be ready to leave in 20 munites or less.


Square bottles from Aqua Plast

Company Infomation

  • Location: Plot 72, Spintex Road
  • Mobile: +233 243 325 325 / +233 244 225 235
  • Email: aqua_plast2007@yahoo.com

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